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Mining Sector

The mining sector lays itself exposed to new potential risks in addition to the possible gains in efficiency and profitability as it continues to adopt newer technology, such as autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence.


Monitoring Solutions

Edge computing and advanced sensor technologies that deliver scalable and affordable integration solutions for critical equipment across your operations.


Main services offered:

  • Self Contained

  • Battery powered

  • Wireless

  • Edge-computing devices

Fiber Like Connectivity

High-Performance Broadband Wireless access with unrivaled speed and fiber like quality. 


Main services offered: 

  • Wireless broadband systems

  • P2P and P2MP

  • OSS


Using drones’ technology, mining companies are able to generate aerial terrain models of the inventory. Effective management of stockpiles could yield significant benefits for mining companies such as grade maximisation by blending of ore, production backup during situation of supply disruptions, and financial reporting.

Fleet Management

Instant Insight

Know when equipment is running and how it’s operating

Trigger-Based Alert

Receive text or email alerts when thresholds are reached or problems are detected

Detailed Visibility

Review dashboard reports for anomalies and compare to previous performance or to similar machinery/equipment

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